Lyle London grew up in a military family that was regularly relocated and attended a total of 8 schools before graduating from Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Adapting to constant relocations, Lyle relied on the inner world of his imagination and created art to sustain him through these tumultuous formative years.

At Dartmouth College, Lyle enrolled in the engineering program and after two years decided to follow his passion and change the focus of his studies to fine art. He has never had a reason to regret that decision. Since then, Lyle has sought a deeper understanding of our world though exploring the interplay between art and science – giving him a unique lens through which draw his inspiration.

In Mr. London’s own words:

The natural world provides my inspiration – I suppose what I create is an attempt to know intimate rather than imitate nature. I’ve immersed myself in spiral geometry and helical topology – it appears everywhere and at every scale in nature. It really is primal attraction. Most of my suspended sculptures and all of my 3D prints are inspired by this notion.


The natural world provides my inspiration. Over the last few years, I have developed a series of works based on the spiral topologies observed in natural phenomena as diverse as plant growth, DNA/RNA helixes, marine life, and the evolution of spiral galaxies.

This investigation of the complex geometries found in nature has inspired me to create interior suspended sculptures crafted from color-changing dichroic glass as well as outdoor sculptures showcasing the dynamic spiral topography such as seen in a tornado or cyclone. There is something irreducible and elemental in these expressions of organic self-organization and most of us naturally feel its undeniable power.


Lyle was the founder and principal designer for an architectural metals firm for over 25 years and has created many large scale art features in coordination with design teams for public spaces as diverse as health care facilities, universities, hotels, and cruise ships.

As a public artist, he has worked with budgets over $1,000,000 and is highly experienced in managing complex projects.  He works directly with 3D CAD programs to design most of his work and has extensive experience in working with engineers, contractors, and design professionals to develop imaginative concepts for project stakeholders.

As an educator, Lyle has led inspirational seminars in 3D visualization and creative design at several universities and colleges in conjunction with large project installations .  His studio is located in Tempe, AZ near Arizona State University. He maintains a current Arizona Contractors License (ROC 212553).

Recent Clients

Kaiser Permanente San Diego

Princess Cruises

Simon Property Group

Charleston Convention Center

The Lakes of Tempe

Utah Public Art

University of Illinois

City of Fountain Hills, AZ

City of Cerritos, CA

Renown Cancer Institute

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Renown Healthcare

Kaiser Permanente Fontana, CA

Iowa State University

City of Los Alamos, NM

Alverno College

Illinois Wesleyan University

Laramie County Community College

The Beatles Museum

Langham Boston Hotel

Falcon Field Airport

New Mexico Public Art