The IWU Helix is a 20′ high dichroic glass and polished stainless steel sculpture with programmable light features installed at the entry rotunda of the Ames School of Art at Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Illinois


Color changing lights illuminate this 35′ high stainless steel sculpture as it gracefully spirals overhead the 4th District Court Plaza in downtown Provo Utah. See a drone video of this piece on youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBIkkwct7Ps


This limited edition sculpture in painted steel creates a complex spiraling form 24″ in diameter reminiscent of a whirlpool.


This large 22″ 3D print in white nylon demonstrates an organic topology


Concept renderings for future projects available by commission. All renderings created in RHINO.


17′ (5.2m) 3D logo commission installed at the Avnet Headquarters Building to celebrate 50 years on the New York Stock Exchange in New York, New York (USA).


I was fascinated by the beautiful chambered geometry of the nautilus shell which is the last remaining member of the ancient ocean ammonites. This piece in dichroic glass and stainless steel is a biomorphic abstraction of the creature’s spiral geometry.

COLORBARZ light sculpture

I used led lighting strips and dmx controls to create a pure light sculpture for the first time. Commissioned by Royal Caribbean Cruises and now installed in the Music Room of the Oasis of the Seas. The 31 color bars spiral around a central tube while changing color in response to music as well as preprogrammed sequencing.


This sculpture celebrates our brain’s exceptional ability to gather  socially meaningful information regarding levels of familiarity, attractiveness, and emotional status using facial recognition. Stainless steel- 10″H x 24″L x 13″W. Available with led RGBW backlighting.


This 8′ high suspended sculpture was created by Lyle London as the central entry artwork for the newly remodeled Langham Boston Hotel. The open mesh format made of welded 1/4″ stainless round bar represents an idealized portrait of the Liberty head seen on gold coins minted by the US Treasury since the founding of the country. The piece echoes the still visible early twentieth century architecture of the building when it was designed and used a one of the first US federal reserve banks.


Arizona artists Lyle London and Jeff Zischke created a ghost like representation of the long lived T-6 Texan training aircraft for a new Hanger complex at Falcon Field airport in Mesa Arizona. The piece celebrates the training received at Falcon Field in the T-6 by British RAF pilots during World War II.


These elegant Japanese dancing cranes are rendered stainless steel and provide a graceful subject for gardens or ponds.


Three sculptures make up the Sun Helixes each suspended within oval shaped voids between the 6th, 7th, and 8th decks of the new Sun Princess cruise ship.  It’s inaugural sailing is in April 2024 and the sculptures were installed under the direction of the artist at the Fincantieri Shipyard in Monfalcone, Italy 20 miles south of Trieste.